Tandi's Naturals Citrusy Trio ultra-concentrated laundry soap contains enough laundry soap for 38 regular or 77 HE loads of wash. This low-suds laundry soap is blended with essential oils for a delicate scent. This ultra-concentrated color safe soap is made by powdering Lancaster County, PA tallow soap with earth friendly cleaning aids. Completely SLS-free and made with ingredients that are suitable for HE washers. Our small company does not have the official "HE Safe" approval, but never the less, we use this laundry soap in our HE washer. This product is a great alternative to expensive "baby" brand washing detergents. Absolutely safe for your diapers and everything baby related. Reduce packaging waste and do your wallet a favor with this ultra concentrated jar of laundry soap. Scent is very light, definitely not over powering! This product is perfectly safe for on lot septic tanks. Please note that there will be variances in the soap "crumbles" as this product is made with human hands. Before first use, give the package a good shake and mix it up. Approximately 800grams.

Tandi's Naturals Concentrated Laundry Soap - Citrusy Trio

  • All-Natural Ingredients : Laundry soap (Lancaster County tallow, water + lye); oxygen bleach; baking soda; washing soda; essential oils of sweet orange, lemongrass, lemon eucalyptus + litsea cubeba

  • Small load __ 1 tbsp

    Regular load __ 1 ½ tbsp

    Large load __ 2 tbsp


    *Use about hald for HE machines

    Do not use for silk or wool

    Do not mix with chlorine bleach